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HTA Autosamplers for Knauer HPLC

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HTA Autosamplers for Azura, PLATINblue and Smartline (U)HPLC

The Autosampler for your Knauer (U)HPLC

We provide a
universal autosampler
for your Knauer HPLC

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Do you need an autosampler for your Knauer LC?

Do you have an AZURA or even an older Knauer model (such as PLATINblue or Smartline)? Are you looking for a new autosampler for your LC? HTA autosamplers are perfectly compatible with any Knauer liquid chromatography system.

Whatever your sample throughput, we have a solution for you: from 10 to 280+ sample vessel capacity. Cooling, biocompatible and UHPLC options are available to handle the most complex samples.

We support Analytical(U)HPLC systems as well as Preparative HPLC Systems.

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Added value of HTA

HTA LC Autosamplers offer many advantages with respect to the AS 6.1L or 3950 autosampler: more convenient pricing, a larger sample capacity (176x2ml vials) and more vials and tubes options. Easier to install and operate, allowing you to visually inspect your samples in every moment.

Software Integration

HTA autosamplers can be fully controlled by OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition and ClarityChrom Chromatography Data System, allowing perfect integration with your Knauer HPLC: regardless of if you use 3950 autosampler or HTA autosamplers, your software experience will be the same.

More models and options

Different models are available to fit any capacity requirements, from our entry-level model HT1500L that holds 45 samples, up to our premium model HT4000L that can hold more than 280 samples.

Cooling , Biocompatible , UHPLC and Large Volume versions are available to satisfy any current or future needs. SPE automation capability can be included too for the best possible user experience. Learn more on HTA website.

Universal LC autosampler

Our autosamplers can be easily installed on every kind of LC analyzer with a quick and trouble-free installation. That means that HTA autosampler can be easily moved between different LC in the lab to cope with changes in workload, and also , in case of a failure of another LC autosampler in the lab, you can rapidly move the HTA autosampler to that LC to avoid downtime.

Our autosamplers also offer an excellent way to future-proof your systems. Regardless of which LC you buy next (such as a new Knauer or any other brand), you should expect to re-use your HTA.

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